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ARTFX Montpellier
95, rue de la Galéra
34090 Montpellier - France

+33 (0)4 99 77 01 42

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Updated: 14 Dec 2020

ARTFX is recognized throughout France and internationally.  Its five-year training programs in 3D Animation and CGI culminate in a Digital Director Diploma (Master’s degree equivalent).

ARTFX is also one of the rare schools throughout Europe that teaches compositing using live-action footage.  Two program tracks have been added to our  a Technical Director specialization and a Video Game section with specializations in Game Art and Game Design.

Courses prepare students to meet the interpersonal and technical demands of working within a professional environment.

Beginning in the 1st year of the Digital Director program, both French and foreign students can take courses in English by enrolling in the International Class.

ARTFX has also two others campus:

La Plaine Images
25 rue Corneille
59100 Roubaix – France


Villa ARTFX Paris
62 Avenue de Ceinture,
95880 Enghien-les-Bains – France

ARTFX  offers 5 specializations:

  • 2D or 3D Animation: diploma in 5 years
  • Video Game : diploma in 5 years
  • CGI & VFX: diploma in 5 years
  • Technical Director: diploma in 5 years
  • Cinema : diploma in 5 years


Cost of the Application: Free

Scholarships / Stipends / Financial Aid

Privately financed, Government managed loans


Nationally Recognized Diploma?

YES.  Digital Director Diploma (Master’s degree equivalent)

Number of applicants each year

Approximately 1300


Percentage of applicants accepted each year: 30%


Number of students in each class for the 2019-20 school year

  • Preparatory Year: 60
  • Digital Director program: 245
  • Video Game program: 67
  • Technical Director program: 2


Number of Graduates: Approximately 60 per year


Graduation success rate: 95%


Profile of accepted students

  • Age: from 18 to 26 years old
  • Percentage of Female Students: 30%
  • Percentage of Male Students: 70%
  • Origins of Student Population: Paris and Parisian outskirts 25%, France and French Territories 70%, Foreign Countries 5%
  • Academic Levels of Accepted Students: Baccalaureate or equivalent 60%, Higher Education Degrees 40%
  • Academic Backgrounds of Accepted Students: Baccalaureate or equivalent diploma

Statistics for graduates over the last three years

95% graduation rate


  • 3000 square meters surrounded by lush vegetation and terraces equipped with picnic tables and lounge chairs.
  • 1 Film Studio with a green screen for integrating CGI and live-action footage
  • Editing and Color Grading Rooms
  • 1 workshop for miniature and set construction
  • 1 room dedicated to traditional animation with light tables and line-test stations
  • Dedicated Computer Rooms
  • Sculpting and Drawing Studios
  • Multi-function classrooms with audiovisual equipment
  • Dedicated Video Game spaces
  • A photo studio
  • Cafeteria onsite

Resources: Library and Multimedia Library

Technological Resources

  • Computers with latest software
  • Software: Maya, Nuke, Houdini, Photoshop, Z Brush, Realflow, Arnold, Mudbox, After Effects, Mari, Substance, Krita, Toon Boom, 3DSMax, Unreal Engine, etc.
  • Filming equipment: HD cameras, film cranes, projectors, flashes and lighting accessories, audio recording devices, 22 digital SLR cameras
  • Cintiqs
  • WiFi access throughout school campus


Online Courses: Yes

Percentage of professional artists connected to ARTFX

  • Faculty 80%
  • Admissions Committee Members: 100%
  • Graduation Jury Members: 100 %

Job Placement / Career Counseling

  • Job placement assistance
  • Ongoing assistance for alumni

Alumni Association



Ongoing Communication and Monitoring of Alumni



Percentage of Students who continue their studies after completing ARTFX program

Less than 1%


Percentage of students who find a job after graduation

  • 95% and in under 6 months
  • Class of 2016: 100%
  • Over the last 3 years: «alumni working in the field» 98%, «alumni working outside of the VFX field» approximately 2%, «alumni in training or searching for a job» less than 1%


Relationship with job placement centers


International Exchanges with Animation Schools

Meetings of schools in Ouarzazate, Marocco; Animation Schools Exchanges in Stuttgart, Germany


Specific Programs for foreign students or young professionals

Yes. Courses available in English beginning in the 2nd year.

International Opportunities Available

Opportunity for Internships Abroad


Participation in International Events

International Film Festival in Annecy

International Festival of Mediterranean Films (CineMed)

International Conference on Animation, Effects, VR, Games and Transmedia, FMX (Stuttgart)

Open House

Saturday, November 28, 2020 (ARTFX Montpellier)
Saturday, February 13, 2021 (ARTFX Montpellier)
Saturday, January 23, 2021 (ARTFX Lille Plaine Images)

Application Period

October 2020 to May 2021



Legal Status: Private Limited Company (SARL)


Director: Joan Da Silva


Establishment of School:  2004


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