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Arts et Technologies de l’Image (ATI)

Département Arts et Technologies de l’Image, Université Paris 8,
2, rue de la Liberté - 93526 Saint-Denis

T: +33 (0) 1 49 40 66 04

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Updated: 10 Jul 2020

Created in 1984, ATI was one of the first program teaching CGI, created by pioneers of computer generated art in France. The initial philosophy remained through the years and the huge technological and practical changes in the field.

Because of the non existence of professional softwares, students programmed their 3D pictures with Rodin, developed by Hervé Huitric and Monique Nahas, and with Anyflo developed by Michel Bret. The most technically advanced students wrote their wn rendering and animation engine. With the rise of professional softwares (Softimage, then Maya), ATI developed a degree using those new tools in an artistic perspective. But it kept on providing the students with a deep understanding of the “inside” of the tools, the ability to modify it to their will : like so, they get to develop their own tools, scripts and plugins to push their creativity farther.

In the nineties, research ear by the INREV laboratory on themes like AI or virtual actors were introduced in the courses. In the 2000s, the introduction of real time engines opened up new courses on interactivity and games, highlighting again the transfer of knowledge between research and teaching.

The originality of this school and the ties it made with the industry contributed to the birth of new kind of jobs, boosted the starting career of students. Today, the close relationship between the lab, the school and the professionals, as well as our strong artistic and technical philosophy, keep us going forward, experimenting new hardware, software and technics.