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École Georges Méliès

26 Avenue Guy Moquet
94310 Orly

T: +33 (0)1 48 90 86 23

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Updated: 26 Nov 2021

The Director Franck Petitta founded Georges Melies School in 1999.
Located in Orly (Paris), the school adjoins the Georges Melies Parc, the place where the French illusionist and filmmaker, famous for his visual effects finishes his life.

The School aims at training real “Artisans de l’Image” that is to say students able to work in any field of animated images : traditional animation, 3D animation and visual effects. This is made thanks to a work program based on the fundamental Arts and other teaching taught by professionals of the sector.

Our Higher Education School teaches Arts and technics of film animation and visual effects.
Step by step, Georges Melies School teaches to young creative and technicians the world of animation and visual effects. It accustoms them to the different jobs and professional constraints.
In order to realize its mission, the teaching methods f Georges Melies School is based on taking into account the six fundamental elements of the traditional Arts that by practicing them feed animation film.

Georges Melies School have 3 different sections, adapted different profiles, each class has around 30 students and the all school have about 300 students.

Profiles: privileged profile: candidate having the A level or equivalent (any section), already having some knowing and practices in Arts.

Other profiles (scientific) can be accepted according to the motivation and the objectives of the candidate.

Cost of registration and competitive exam:
Atelier des Beaux Arts : 90€ application fee
Artisan de l’Image animée : 90€ application fee
Artisan de l’Interactivité : 90 € application fee

Scholarship and financial system
Georges Melies School
Every year, our School offers a merit scholarship.

Banque Populaire
Our partnership with a bank allows our students to get facilities having a loan.


  • University of Paris-East
  • Soldianim
  • Professional of animation (story-boarder, artistic directors …)

All students have the student social security. The inscription is done at the student office of the School.

Léo Ferré hall of residence, built in 2007, offers to student accessible price accommodation.
Located near a shopping center, ten minutes walking from the school and 3 minutes walking from the train station and from the bus 183 (Pte de Choisy/Aéroport d’Orly).
Résidence Léo ferré 1 rue Louis Aragon 94310 Orly Tél :

Number of candidates at the entry exam: 300

Success rate at the entry exam 2021 :
Atelier des Beaux Arts : 83%
Artisan de l’Image Animée : 46%
Artisan du Jeu Vidéo : 80 %

Number of student per class: 25 to 30 students maximum per class

Total number of student: 306

Number of certificate: 56 each year

Success rate to exams:

  • Artisan de l’Image Animée : 92 % in 2021
  • Artisan du Jeu Vidéo : 87% in 2021

Access to the school : on a 24 hour/7 day basis


  • Green Set (lights, cameras, motion capture system)
  • Cinema (150 seats)
  • Post-production equipment (50 seats)
  • Anatomy amphitheater
  • Traditional animation rooms with Disney tables
  • Recording studio

Technical resources:

  • Drawing painting and sculpting materials,
  • 1 Disney table per student
  • 1 computer per student
  • HD and 4K-movie camera
  • Cameras
  • Film projectors


  • Microwaves
  • Patios and exchange spaces
  • Drinks & food dispenser


Rate of professional in:

  • Teaching staff: 100%
  • Admission panel: 95%
  • Final Jury: 100%

Employment support after school: support given by the general Direction, teachers and alumni networks

Alumni association: Yes

Long term professional reporting: Yes

Rate of professional integration after school:

  • To 6 month: 87 %
  • To 12 month: 92 %

International events:
International Film Festival of Annecy
Carrefour du Cinéma d’Animation
Paris Games Week


Legal nature:
Technical and private higher education school
Independent association under the law of 1901

Chief Executive: Franck Petitta

Institutional partners:

  • European Union
  • Région Ile de France
  • Département du Val de Marne
  • Caisse des Dépôts et Consignation
  • Ville d’Orly

Creation date: founded in 1999 by Franck Petitta