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Updated: 21 May 2020

Situated in Angoulême, EMCA was created in 1999 by the city’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It receives financial assistance from the European Social Fund and from Magelis, a syndicate of the creative organisations that make up the pole image of Angouleme.
EMCA is one of the top animation schools in France. It provides high quality training from introductory to advanced levels. The main objective of the school is to ensure that students achieve their maximum creative potential, and are prepared for the technical and professional rigours of the industry upon graduation. Through the completion of personal and professional projects, including a final year film, the course offers a balance of creativity and self-expression, technical skills acquisition and project management.
Every year, many of the graduation films are selected by festivals and/or sold to content providers for TV and the web. The high number of EMCA graduates in French and European studios is testament to quality of the teaching.

A privileged environment.

The town of Angoulême plays a significant role in the production of animated films and other media (games, web and publishing), with hundreds of companies linked to the creative industries based there. It is the second largest centre of animation production in France, (a country which leads Europe, and is ranked third globally as a producer of animation). EMCA therefore benefits from close partnerships with the plethora of studios in the vicinity, in the form of work placements and internships, graduate job and hothousing opportunities, studio visits and other professional collaborations.

An appropriated and accredited training.

Centred on the practice of animation, the classes are mainly delivered by accredited professionals, and its curriculum can therefore be regularly revised to reflect the changing needs of the industry and to keep it up to date.
Alongside technical and practical training and skills acquisition, theory classes provide a space to enrich ideas and explore the history and theory of cinema, animation and contemporary art.

EMCA offers 4 training programmes, as follows :

  • 1 year Prépa: a foundation course which introduces students to both the technical and creative aspects of traditional and digital animation production. (20 students/ year))
  • 3 year full time programme: technical training in 2D and CGI, coupled with a strong emphasis on experimentation and direction of animated films.
  • Selection is by portfolio and entry exam. Students must be under 26 years old and in possession of a Bac. (40 students / year)
  • Professional training: bespoke training sessions for companies and individual professionals.
  • One year project based laboratory: aimed at recent graduates with a specific project proposal, this is a personalised, negotiated teaching programme in which students build their own curriculum with the support of the EMCA teaching team. (10 students/ year)

The curriculum (3 year programme):

First year:
The first year offers students a general introduction to the wide field of animation.
Its includes a basic introduction to all essential forms of professional practice – from traditional processes such as drawing, animation, and lay-out to 2D and 3D software training.

Second year:
The second year is underpinned by a series of thematic workshops which invite the students to explore specific aspects of animation production, and to expand their creative practice.
Students are also invited to choose between a 2D or 3D pathway, with a view to developing a specialism in the third year.

Third year:
In the third year, students direct and produce a short animated film, individually or in a group, with the support of professional artists or directors and in negotiation with the EMCA teaching team.