Fine Arts Foundation Year

Type de formation
Fine Arts Foundation Year

Durée de la formation
1 year

Niveau Requis

Coût de la formation

Admission interview : Free

Year 1 : 5100€

Registration Fees : 350€

Registration Fees (for year 2 to 5) : 250€

Année de création
School created in 2004

Reconnaissance du diplôme
Stage(s) durant la formation
Projet de fin d’études

The one year foundation in fine arts program was born out of the expertise and educational innovations at the heart of ArtFX school’s values. It aims to bridge the artistic and technical skills that students have at the end of high school with the expectations for the first year of an artistic program at a higher educational organization. Students will learn the basics of fine arts, while discovering through experimentation, the trades of 2D and 3D animation movies, vfx and video games. Workshops, where students put into practice all the techniques that they learn, are the basis of this program. The objectives of this foundation year: to reveal students’ artistic talents, to develop their creativity, to provide them with effective teamwork methods, to help them build an artistic portfolio.

Classe available in French or English

Semester 1 : Intensive Training Sessions

  • Fine arts and creativity
  • Personalized supervision
  • Business English
  • Creative Workshops : life drawing, sculpture, sketching and illustration, spacial and perspective drawing, painting and color, photography and video, writing and grammar of images

Semester 2 : Creative Workshops

  • Culturel development : contemporary arts exhibits, conferences, meetings with professional artists
  • Analysis of texts and images, psychology, semiology
  • Supervision – production of personal portfolio
  • Public speaking
  • Business English
  • Workshops : animation, comics, character design, script writing, layout, fiction, video games, graphic design
  • Online application
  • Written test : general culture, technical espertise, logic, english test, synopsis, storyboard et drawing
  • Presentation of portfolio and cover letter
  • Individual interview

2D, 3D Animation, stop-motion, VFX and video games, offer a wide range of creative and technical career paths. They share strong common points: they require passionate artists, effective teamwork skills, high technical standards and professionalism. These rewarding jobs offer the opportunity to work on world-renowned projects. They are job of the future, constantly developing both in France and abroad. Thanks to the demanding training programs and professional network of ArtFX, our graduates have numerous career opportunities open to them!

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