Master's in Game Art

Type de formation
Master's in Game Art

Durée de la formation
5 years

Niveau Requis

Coût de la formation

Admission interview : Free

Year 1 : 6900€

Year 2 to 5 : 7900€ by year

Registration Fees : 350€

Registration Fees (for year 2 to 5) : 250€



Année de création
School created in 2004

Reconnaissance du diplôme
Stage(s) durant la formation

A professional intership during the 4th year.

Projet de fin d’études


The Video Games Master’s degree allows you to acquire advanced technical and artistic skills. At the end of their training, students will be able to join both the largest game publishers and the most prestigious independent international studios. Thanks to team projects and workshops supervised by professionals from all over the world, all aspects of video game production are covered: game design, game art, programming, marketing, etc. The educational program is centered around innovation and is fully aligned with the booming game industry.

Classes available in French or English.

Year 1 : Fundamental

  • Fundamentals : Drawing, anatomy, perspective, sculpture
  • Creative Development
  • Cultural Development & Game Grammar
  • Culture of movement (acting, dancing, etc.)
  • Personal Projects
  • Coding Initiation

Year 2 : Refinement

  • Project : Game Jam
  • Production Management
  • Concept Methodology: traditional games and learning about game engines
  • Interactive Narration
  • Programming Gameplay
  • Workshops métiers : Game design, Level design, Character design, Environment design

Year 3 : Specialization

  • Project: Video Game Prototyping, Sound design, user interface, personal development
  • Workshops Game design : Psychology, System design, Content design, Players theory, Level design, QA
  • Workshops Game art : 2D Art, 3D Modeling, Texturing, 2D & 3D Animation, Technical art
  • Workshops Game Programming : Programming Advanced Gameplay, Artificial Intelligence Pattern Design, Programming tools

Year 4 : Professional Development

  • Project : Concept Preparation for graduation project
  • Creation of an experimental game (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality)
  • Internship in a professional company
  • Personal Projects
  • Masterclasses with studio partners

Year 5 : Graduation Projects

  • Graduation Project: Development of an original video game
  • Marketing and Communication Strategy
  • Professional reviews of graduation projects
  • Presentations before a jury panel of professionals
  • Meetings with professional artists
  • Rapid Job Interviews
  • Online application
  • Written test : general culture, technical espertise, logic, english test, synopsis, storyboard et drawing
  • Presentation of portfolio and cover letter
  • Individual interview
  • Concept Artist
  • Character Designer
  • Animator
  • 2D & 3D Artists
  • Game / Level Designer
  • UI/UX System
  • Gameplay Programmer
  • Technical Artist
  • etc.

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