PGA - GOBELINS ANIMATION PREPARATORY CLASS - Programme taught both in French and English when needed

Type de formation
Preparatory year

Durée de la formation
1 year

Niveau Requis
High school diploma from 2018, 2019 or 2020

Coût de la formation

Full time : 8200€ for European Union citizens  ; 13300€ for non-European Union citizens

Année de création

Reconnaissance du diplôme


Stage(s) durant la formation

Not mandatory but recommended (during school holidays periods)

Projet de fin d’études

End of the year project:
Construction of a graphic portfolio.

2 mock exams are organised during the training period.

The goal of this preparatory class is to experiment with various creative techniques in order to enable you to build your study project, to build up an artistic portfolio and to be able to present it in a constructive way with an adapted vocabulary.
This year will allow you to acquire the basic artistic and technical skills required to be admitted to a course related to animation cinema.

Programme content:
• History of art and animation cinema: chronological landmarks and methods of analysis of the various artistic sectors, including photography and cinema
• Semiology, analysis of existing work
• Observation drawing: learning different modes to represent reality
• Drawing of space: rules of perspective, outdoors sketches, scenery approach
• Life drawing: nude sketches, still and moving, morphology
• Composition of an image
• Creativity: colour, volume, experimental techniques
• Discovery of animation techniques: stop motion, posing….
• Narration through images: notions of staging, creative biases
• Character and set design: construction, model sheet, appropriation of existing characters, stylization, …
• Identification of a choice of art schools to apply
• Assistance to define each individual study goals, to choose and prepare the entrance exams
• Peer-to-peer presentation of artistic portfolios and in front of juries composed of teachers and professionals
• Training sessions for entrance exams (mock exams…)

• Preparation and development of the portfolio
• Learning by doing: specific experimentation workshops
• Personalized follow-up of students throughout the year (choice of orientation, portfolio, etc.)
• Sponsorship of each preparatory year student by a first year Bachelor of arts student GOBELINS is a member of RECA (Network of French animation schools) and the American IPAX network (schools recognized by Sony Picture)
• High-level professional speakers coming from renowned studios

Same entrance exam as the Bachelor of Arts – Character Animation & Filmmaking (CAAF)
Pre-selection through an online graphic portfolio, created specifically for this admission process (see details on the website
Selection based on an admission interview.

Expected qualities:
strong interest and ability to draw, creativity and artistic sensibility, curiosity for art in all its forms, good general knowledge, open-mindedness, ability to search for graphic trends, to analyze them and to express oneself through all forms of visual creation

Preparatory course that prepares to the entrance exams of animation art schools.

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