Master's in Video Game & VFX Programming

Type de formation
Master's in Video Game & VFX Programming

Durée de la formation
2 or 5 years

Niveau Requis

Coût de la formation

Admission interview : Free

Year 1 : 7 000€

Year 2 to 5 : 8 000€

Registration Fees : 350€

Registration Fees (for year 2 to 5) : 250€



Année de création
School created in 2004

Reconnaissance du diplôme
Stage(s) durant la formation
Projet de fin d’études


The Video Game & VFX Programming course prepares high-level programmers for work within the R&D departments of film studios and the largest video game studios. With advanced programming skills, they are the link between the artistic and technical dimensions of a project. Within ArtFX school, they put their knowledge into practice by collaborating on the production of 3D Animation, Visual Effects and Video Games projects. Workshops for project management and software engineering give them the necessary training to make the right technical decisions to assist the creative vision for their future colleagues.

Classes available in French or English.

Year 1 : Fundamentals

  • Rendering Programmingshaders, real-time rendering, physically-based rendering
  • Tools Programmingarchitecture, interface and database
  • Programming Languages : C++, C#, Python et Javascript
  • VFX film software and video game engines

Year 2 : Specialization & Production

  • Specialization in Rendering or Tools Projects
  • Project management, collaboration on video game or cinema graduation projects
  • Artificial Intelligence : pathfinding, decision making, strategy, machine-learning
  • Physical Programming : collisions, rigid bodies, body deformations, fluids
  • Network Programming
  • Online application
  • Written test : general culture, technical espertise, logic, english test, synopsis, storyboard et drawing
  • Presentation of portfolio and cover letter
  • Individual interview


  • Game programmer
  • Technical Artist
  • FX TD
  • R&D Programmer
  • Engine Programmer
  • Tool Programmer
  • Rendering Programmer
  • Technical Director
  • Etc

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