RECA’s Charter

Values and Principles

Schools that are part of the network adhere to the following principles.
They contribute to the readability of the training offer in the animation industry.
They undertake to promote dialogue between schools and professionals in respect of a common ethics. If it’s possible, they try to put their resources together.
The network recognizes the necessary diversity of educational proposals of each school.
Schools engage themselves to provide the necessary means (technical, logistical, human resources) for the achievement of their educational goals. They undertake to display their educational proposals, their recruitment methods, their diplomas or certificates, the material resources available and the registration and training costs with sincerity and transparency.
Schools must have a great interest in the future of their students, and inform their students about the opportunities of their formations in the professional field.

Eligibility, admission, Striking off a member


To be eligible to join the network, schools must:

  • Adhere to the terms of this charter;
  • Fulfil the information form;
  • Answer to any requests for additional information that could be asked by the network;
  • Receive any delegation that may be appointed by the board to visit the school and meet the teachers, staff and students.

For new members, training activity must have at least three completed promotions.


The admission of new candidates is approved by a majority of two thirds during the General Meeting. The decisions are taken by a secret vote. They cannot be discussed but in case of refusal, the application can be submitted again the following year.
Admission is granted for a maximum period of five years. After this period, the school must undergo a new assessment. Admission is definitely pronounced after payment of the annual fee.

Striking off a member

La radiation peut être sollicitée par un des membres du réseau auprès du bureau afin d’être étudiée par celui-ci avant d’être soumise à un vote de l’assemblée générale.
A member of the network can ask the board of administration to strike off another member. This request will be examined by it before submit it to the vote of the general assembly.
Striking off another member is decided by secret vote by a majority of two-thirds for the following reasons:

  • Non- payment of the fee;
  • Non-renewal of the eligibility of training;
  • Severe breach of the values of the charter;
  • Statements or actions held against the action of the network.