Some figures

A competitive sector at the international level

The French animation industry is a highly dynamic and competitive sector on the international level for many years. Its ranking is 3rd worldwide (behind the US and Japan), and 1st in Europe (40% of the European production). In France, Animation is the main exporter of audio-visual programs, before live-fiction and documentary. These good results are mainly due to the existence – and permanence – of a unique system of public support for production, implemented by the French National Centre of Cinematography (CNC), as well as many other territorial support mechanisms and obligations for French broadcasters to invest in audio-visual productions.

Dynamic schools and companies

This whole system provides certain stability to the sector by playing the role of “shock absorber” within the international economic uncertainty. It is also the necessary condition for a dynamic business field, nurtured by talents trained in the best schools (see “schools”), and who can produce innovative content as well as implementing effective production lines.
Since 2001, French animation produces an average of over 300 hours of television programs (355 hours in 2011), and from 3 to 10 feature films (10 in 2011) per year. It has a hundred production companies, including 2/3 exercised regularly in recent times (see Studios). The sector employs around 5000 people, 80 % under intermittent employee status (see Jobs).