Network of French animation schools

How to chose a training in animated films?

You can find everything: too short or too long, free or expensive, the worst and the best … 25 recognized French schools created a network to deliver reliable information.

Who we are

RECA includes 25 French animation schools particularly well-known and well-respected by the professionals, as much in France as abroad. Its establishment was supported by the French CNC (National Film Centre), and by the professional unions: the SPFA (Union of producers of animated films), the FICAM (Federation of film, audio-visual and multimedia industries) and by the Pôle Image Magelis in Angoulême.

Our goals

  • To communicate reliable information on the different offers in animation training to families, students and referral agencies. This clarification had become necessary in an overall landscape characterized by oversupply and confusion in what is proposed.
    RECA’s members committed to issuing clear and verified information on the contents and methods of their training. They have signed a charter affirming their shared commitment to put in the heart of their action the development of technical and artistic abilities of the students, as part of a sincere educational practice in its objectives and transparency in its ways.
  • To support a constructive dialogue with the entire professional environment, in order to develop the most favourable conditions for the professional future of the students.
  • To be a permanent interlocutor of the institutions and state-bodies linked with the issues of training and employment in the animation industry.

Our members

RECA brings together schools of various status – public, private or consular – implementing singular pedagogies. It recognizes this diversity as an asset for students as well as for the entire industry. The goals of the RECA are not to interfere with the teaching or the organization of its members, or to become a collective or individual promotional tool.

List and location of schools

  • ArtFx – Montpellier
  • Arts et Technologies de l’Image – Université Paris 8 (ATI) – Saint-Denis
  • École de Communication Visuelle (ECV) – Aquitaine
  • École Émile Cohl – Lyon
  • École Estienne – Paris
  • École Georges Méliès – Orly
  • École Pivaut – Nantes
  • École des métiers du cinéma d’animation (EMCA) – Angoulême
  • École nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs (ENSAD) – Paris
  • École supérieure des arts appliqués et du textile (ESAAT) – Roubaix
  • École supérieure des métiers artistiques (ESMA) – Montpellier
  • École supérieure de métiers artistiques (ESMA) – Toulouse
  • Bellecour, ESIA 3D – Lyon
  • ESRA 3D (Sup’Infograph) – Paris
  • ESRA 3D (Sup’Infograph) – Rennes
  • GOBELINS, l’école de l’image – Paris
  • Institut de l’image dans l’Océan Indien (ILOI) – La Réunion
  • Institut Sainte-Geneviève – Paris
  • ISART Digital – Paris
  • La Poudrière – Valence
  • L’atelier – Angoulême
  • L’idem – Le Soler
  • L’institut supérieur des arts appliqués (LISAA) – Paris
  • MOPA (ex Supinfocom Arles)
  • Supinfocom Valenciennes

Other schools can join the network. Candidates will have to explain their motivations; to adhere to the values and principles specified in the Charter; to enter a descriptive card of the school and the concerned training activity; to accept the visit of a delegation of the RECA. Membership will be pronounced after approval of 2/3 of the members by secret vote. The amount of the annual fee is € 825 (€ 750 under RECA and 75 € for AFCA).


  • Cyril Georgin (Isart Digital), Président
  • Moïra Marguin (Gobelins, l’école de l’image), Vice-Présidente
  • Cédric Plessiet (ATI-Paris 8), Trésorier

General Delegate

  • Christine Mazereau

RECA’s Partners